SHARE is a confidential specialist service.

Referrals can be accepted directly from GPs, or we can accept indirect GP referrals whereby a GP has referred into a secondary service such as Gynaecology or Urology then they can refer to us. We can also accept referrals from Sexual Health Services. If another agency wish to refer we would advise that they direct their client to their GP or Sexual Health Services to get a referral to us.

If you feel unable to approach a professional and discuss being referred into the service please contact us directly.

Many people experience some difficulty in their sexual lives at different stages across their lifespan. Some of these resolve spontaneously, others require specialist input. Sometimes sexual difficulties have affected someone throughout their life, or the problem may be a more recent development.

Problems encountered may be related to:

  • Physical or medical conditions.
  • Social issues or emotional and relationship circumstances.
  • Often there is a combination of factors contributing to the difficulty experienced.

Whilst an adult service, we can support clients between 16-18 experiencing gender identity issues. This will not include therapy but may include liaising with General Practitioners to facilitate timely referral to appropriate specialist services as well as signposting to other agencies of support if indicated.

  • Addictive and compulsive sexual behaviour
  • Arousal disturbance (male and female)
  • Body image issues i.e. penis shape/size and labia concerns
  • Erectile disorder (psychogenic, organic or combined)
  • Premature (rapid) ejaculation and delayed/inhibited ejaculation
  • Genito-pelvic pain/penetration disorder (previously known as dyspareunia and vaginismus)
  • Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (male and female)
  • Orgasmic disorders (male and female)
  • Disorder of sexual preference and/or paraphilia
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Sexual abuse which is impacting on sexual function and/or sexual relationships.
  • Sexuality and Sexual orientation Issues
  • Substance induced sexual dysfunction
  • Gender Identity Issues:We see adult clients for a maximum of 8 sessions of supportive psychotherapy to explore gender identity and expression. This may include liaising with General Practitioners to facilitate timely referral to appropriate specialist services as well as signposting to other agencies of support if indicated.

Please note that SHARE is not a forensic sexology service and thereby we do not provide therapy to sexual offenders for the offending behaviour.

How to make a referral

Referrals are made directly to the service by either completion of the service referral pro-forma or letter. Our referral pro-forma can be downloaded and printed by clicking the button below and once completed, this can be posted to:

Acorn PHCC
421 Blackburn Road

Or emailed to

If relevant, please ensure thorough investigation and examination is completed prior to referral and results attached to referral information. Please note for some clients genital examination can be traumatic and inadvisable at referral stage. If this is the case please note this on the referral.

Received referrals will be acknowledged in writing or via email. At this stage if further information is required, this will be requested and the referral held until the information has been received.

Discharge information will be forwarded in a timely manner and this will include diagnosis, intervention, and outcomes of therapy. If relevant, recommendations regarding prescribed treatment post discharge will also be included.

  • Client preferred method of contact
  • Please ensure accurate information regarding any contact restrictions
  • NHS number if available
  • 'Need to know' information sharing
  • Any safeguarding/risk information for both client and team

The service operates an appointment only system. Appointments are booked directly with the client. Choice is enabled regarding appointment times and location. Please ensure that your patient is aware of the nature of the service and that you are making a referral.

Commitment for clients to work within the service is required and it is essential that clients understand this from the outset. Clients who fail to attend appointments will be discharged and you will be notified accordingly.