Lancashire HIV Services

We have clinics in Blackpool, Lancaster, Barrow, Kendal, Preston and Burnley. 

Blackpool – 01253 951924

North Lancashire, Lancaster & South Cumbria – 07884065257 (If no response please call Preston)

Preston – 01772 689133, Mobile: 07990682493

Burnley - 01282 805979, 

If there is no answer, please leave a message with your name, date of birth, telephone number and a brief reason for your call

Transferring care from another clinic? 

We have clinics in Blackpool, Lancaster, Barrow, Kendal, Preston and Burnley. 

How can I transfer my HIV care from another clinic to one in Lancashire? 

If you are over the age of 16 and are known to be HIV positive you can refer yourself by contacting us directly. You can also be referred to us by your GP or other healthcare professionals.

If you would like to transfer your HIV care to us, please telephone directly on the contact details below. We will request a transfer of care summary from your previous HIV care provider including information about what medications you currently take, other health conditions, and most recent blood test results. Alternatively, you can also contact your current clinic and provide consent for them to send a summary of care to 

If you are on treatment, we strongly advise you do this before your current prescription runs out. 

Once your summary of care is received, we can book you into a specialist HIV clinic to meet with a member of the nursing team. We will then do routine bloods and complete a care plan and introduce you to the team. 

Once your results our back, we will then arrange an appointment with your assigned consultant. 

What do we expect from you?

You attend any booked appointments or let us know if you can’t attend as soon as possible so we can rearrange the appointment.

It is recommended you take the medication as prescribed by the HIV Clinic and make us aware of any problems with taking your medication so we can support you.

Contact the team if you have only two weeks or less medication left, as it takes a while to organise delivery of more medication to your address or to clinic and it’s important that you don’t run out. 

You contact the team with changes in your circumstances, such as if you move house, relocate to a new area, or have a new phone number.

We want everyone including staff and patients to feel safe in our service so we ask that everyone is treated with respect.