Lancashire Education Sexual Health Service Academic Year 2023-2024

Lancashire Sexual Health Service continues to co-ordinate and deliver sexual health and wellbeing services to young people living in Lancashire. Our aim is to support young people and improve sexual health outcomes across Lancashire.

Alongside provision of quality clinical services for under 25s, we want to help ensure that young people are equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to access local services and make informed decisions regarding their sexual health.

Within the commission, Lancashire Education Sexual Health Team (CESH) are pleased to offer the following services FREE of charge:


Times can be tailored to meet assembly times

Introduction to the four Cs (Communication, Consent, Contraception and Condoms)


Tutorials can be tailored to meet your timetables, including part of a drop down, day-CESH staff can attend full days (it is essential that these are booked in advance)


  • The 4 Cs
  • Contraception and condoms
  • Stigma and STIs
  • Consent and healthy relationships


Tutorial or assembly tailored for SEND students

An introduction to:

  • What is sex
  • Consent
  • Contraception
  • Testing for sexually transmitted infections


New for 2023/24

A focus on consent and STIs including images, incubation periods, when and how to test and how to access the service

Alert (Warning)

Sessions need to be kept strictly to year 9 and above, and a member of your staff must be present during all sessions.

Contact us

To make any general enquires or bookings please email:

Please see below for our Community Education Co-ordinators for localities across the Lancashire County Council footprint:

Alongside the FREE sexual health provision that Lancashire Sexual Health Service offer, Brook offer a range of paid RSE services, including direct education and support for young people, training for professionals, and support with your PSHE curriculum. You can enquire at

We have included feedback on the previous page from sessions delivered over the last academic year.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to arrange any sessions or if you have any further queries.