HIV is a virus which suppresses the immune system, making it harder to fight off infections, diseases and other illnesses.

Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) is the name used to describe the advanced stage of the HIV infection, where the immune system has been damaged due to the virus.

HIV is transmitted through bodily fluids like semen, vaginal and anal fluids, blood, and breast milk. HIV can be passed on by sharing needles or syringes or having unprotected sex.

PrEP is available from Blackpool and Lancashire clinics

Please call 0300 1234 154 to arrange to speak to a clinician.

Pre – exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a highly effective tablet that can help stop you contracting HIV. If taken correctly, is over 99% effective at stopping the spread of HIV.

People who are at high risk of HIV, for example, men who have sex with men who do not use condoms, or men/women who are having condomless sex with somebody who has untreated HIV.

PrEP is a single pill that can be taken several different ways. For the best level of protection PrEP needs to be taken once a day. It can also be event based. This is where you take two pills the day before possible transmission, the day of and the day after. This can be extended for as long as it needs to be.

PrEP does not stop other STIs, condoms are recommended to prevent the transmission of other infections.

The BePrEPED website is a new initiative in Lancashire to assist anyone and everyone to decide whether PrEP is right for them.

The reason PrEP is becoming popular is because the government has set a target for 2030 of no new recorded HIV diagnoses.

Visit the i-Base website for helpful information guides

PrEP available FREE from Blackpool & Lancashire Sexual Health Services

For appointments Call the booking line Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm 0300 1234 154

Sexual Health Clinics where PrEP is available:

  • Whitegate drive – Blackpool, FY3 9ES
  • Ashton community clinic – Lancaster, LA1 4JT
  • St Peters – Burnley, BB11 2DL
  • Ashurst – Skelmersdale, WN8 6QS
  • Fatima – Preston, PR2 9QB

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